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Tampa, Hummer, H1, Clearwater

Let's keep it real, this page may never be complete!


Big or small, we're always doing restorations...enjoy


Interior Trim
Cleaned, Dyed, Recovered
Doghouse, Shifter boot, Windshield
HVAC cover, Seat, upholstery
Tunne Cover, tub, rear hvac
Hummer, H1, door panel
Hummer carpet, new seats
Hummer Restoration, paint, sandblast
Hummer, H1, Door Panel, Dye, Restoration
Removed, Truck Tub Scrubbed and then Insulated
Flooring material is either Replaced 
or Scrubbed Clean
Hummer, H1, Largo, Florida, Cleanup, prep,
Hummer, H1, Tampa, Clearwater, Largo, Insulation
Hummer Repair, Floor mat
Hummer, H1, floormat, paint, restoration
Hummer, H1, Clean, Detail, Paint, New Parts,
Let's face it, Hummer's are NOT known for showroom quality paint. Even off the factory floor, there are serious flaws in the  finish (orange peel, drips, etc.) However, over the years there are serious issues like corrosion, fading & flaking that must be dealt with!
While we cannot and will not promise a "pristine showroom quality" paint job (at a reasonable cost)
We will promise quality body & paint work followed by precise reassembly, using an extreme attention to detail that you will not find anywhere else!!  
Our Full Paint Process
To eliminate tape marks, we painstakingly remove ALL exterior fixtures. 
(lights, bezels, handles, hardware, accessories, etc.) 
The truck is then sent to an experienced auto body shop for any needed bodywork and paint.
Meanwhile, the exterior accessories & fixtures are media blasted & powder coated. 
Any exterior parts that are not repairable are replaced. 
Upon return from paint, the truck is meticulously put back together piece by piece.
545 pieces of NEW matching hardware will be applied (Stainless, Black Oxide and Grade 8 where appropriate)
New Lights & Bezels top off the new paint for a very clean look!
Corrosion is NOT your friend! 
The front passenger area of this wagon had some serious roof corrosion. 
We had the roof cut out and rebuilt by some of the best welding hands around! 
All new gutter & interior braces & brackets were fabricated. 
Once the repair work was complete, all the exterior fixtures were removed and we had him painted. 
Then his exterior fixtures & accessories were carefully put back in place!
(final pics coming soon!!)
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