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About Us

Two lives changed forever, by one magnificent machine!  A 1997 HMCO, later named The Goat!

The number of amazing people our first truck brought into our lives, is unimaginable. Selfless, kind, giving, bad-ass, take-no-sh!t, REAL people! We appreciate each & every one of you...even the P.I.T.A., in-your-face, loud mouth ones ( oh, you know who you are! )   

We're the keep-it-real, no drama, type of people. Never ones to conform into one particular clique, we can find good in almost everyone! We say "almost" because some people are just mean, rude or heartless and those people just aren't worth our time. 

Buying these beauties and putting them back together is something we sincerely enjoy. With each truck we restore, we preserve a piece of American history!

We do not "flip" trucks. We find those rare beauties (and beasts) that have exhausted their current owners’ time or resources. We welcome them into our family and we show them some love. Each one is inspected inside & out and all the services & maintenance is brought up to date. We painstakingly clean the interior, exterior, engine bay, under carriage, and  perform any minor mechanical / cosmetic repairs. Finally, we take some time to get to know them. We learn their uniqueness, their assets, and let's be real here, their flaws.

We devote the time needed to do all of this in the hope that when we bring these trucks back to life, the new owner will appreciate them a little more.   

Hummer, H1, HMCO, Tama, St Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo
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